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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

SAGES London is proud to announce that we FINALLY have the office/workspace we have been searching for!

We are situated in an iconic brutalist building, the Lakeside Centre. Where Bow Arts is an arts-based charity that provides artists and creative practitioners with affordable workspace, connecting them with local communities and supporting their professional development. Offers 38 affordable studios ranging from 12 square metres to 100 square metres. They offer stunning views of Southmere Lake and the area’s famous skyline was once the backdrop for films such as A Clockwork Orange and the TV series Misfits. This site offers the exciting opportunity to be actively part of creating a cultural enterprise in the heart of Thamesmead.

Finding a space that would allow us to utilise it as both office space as well as a lab for dye production was incredibly difficult so a huge shout out to Clare and the rest of the bow arts team that went out of their way to find a space that would work for us.

So one huge IKEA order later and we have a space that will allow us to do everything we need from meetings to admin to produce our dyes. This upgrade in facilities has also allowed us to store more food waste and produce dyes in a more efficient manner. So for all the people, we have promised free samples to .. they are coming I promise I can finally make more than a few bottles a day :)

We are so excited to start the next phase of SAGES here and we are planning to be here a while so if you wanna come to say hey let us know and come on down we can't wait to show you around!


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