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Updated: Sep 5, 2023


SAGES is proud to announce that we have received a whopping £127,000 of investment from SFC Capital and we are so happy to have them onboard. SFC is a leader in the UK's early stage investment world, providing seed capital and support to promising British start-ups. By combining their award-winning angel syndicate with their own seed investment funds, they have created a unique model that allows business angels to invest in high-potential start-ups either directly or through a diversified portfolio approach curated and managed by their team.


This Funding will allow us to proceed with research and development that is crucial for our dyes and allow us to reach full commercialisation in accordance with our goals. This is a huge step forward both for SAGES and the fashion industry's strive forward for a more sustainable future.

And our investment round is still open so if your interested or know someone that is please do get in touch!

-Written by Alice Simpson


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