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Sustainable Start-ups We Think You Should Know

Updated: Sep 5, 2023


England is set to run short of water within 25 years. The projected need for more water and the decreasing amount of water reserves means we must examine the current use of water more strategically. Lylo is an eco-start-up created by two product design graduates focused on reducing the UK's water crisis.

They have designed a washing machine that reuses the water from your shower to clean your clothes !

We think this is a brilliant idea and look forward to seeing more from them

Check them out here

Radiant Matter

Radiant Matter is a amazing start-up who already have a wealth of awards under their belt. They are developing the next generation of colour and material solutions for the circular textiles economy. Inspired by nature's ingenuity, they engineer naturally glittering structural colours to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact.

Made from renewable and abundant cellulose, their amazingly beautiful biodegradable sequins give rise to brilliantly shimmering colours which are non-toxic, colourfast and pigment free.

Learn more about them and their brilliant innovation here

Bioataraxis LTD

Biomass represents a sustainable feedstock and a waste from agricultural activities. It is readily available in all countries and represents a potential solution to satisfy internal consumer demand.

EcoSAF is their new patent-pending technology which delivers a new class of surfactants derived from biomass . Which has applications in in cleaning, agriculture, painting, polymerization and other minor applications such as pharmaceuticals and electronics

Learn more here


Osmose is a regenerative design lab with sustainability at its core. It is our goal to encourage a symbiotic relationship between people and the planet. An interdisciplinary design studio focused on regenerative circularity and sustainability in fashion, accessories and homeware.

In order to tackle our plastic waste crisis, Osmose have explored and reached the use of Mycelium to create fashion, homeware and other products. Mycelium is the network that forms the "root" of mushrooms. They use it as a construction and moulding material. Mycelium requires very little water to grow, no toxic chemicals and are all 100% biodegradable.

Check them out here


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