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Nurturing Future Fashion Designers at Caramel Rock

Part of SAGES' mission has always been about raising awareness of the environmental damages of fashion and working with young people to imagine a brighter future.

Recently I’ve taught a few sessions at Caramel Rock, a fashion and creative arts education charity based in Newham, London, providing training and opportunities. My role has encompassed teaching special education school boys with learning and behavioural difficulties ages 14-18.  Aiming to teach fashion design, business and entrepreneurship skills for use in the workplace. 

I have been working with them on topics such as 'Refining the Logo and Branding' and 'Customisation and Fashion Production', to blend practical and business learning. Witnessing students transform their abstract ideas into tangible designs was remarkably fulfilling and I’ve loved seeing their designs come to life on T-shirts through fabric printing techniques.

One of the most significant challenges has been managing diverse learning needs, especially with students, who often disrupted the class. However, this also provided an opportunity to develop patience and discover more engaging teaching methods. A highlight was observing some students transition from needing constant guidance to gaining confidence in their independent work. 

My time at Caramel Rock reaffirmed that teaching is about inspiring and nurturing potential. The next year at SAGES promises to be a busy one, but I am making sure that I find time to pursue teaching and role modelling opportunities to hopefully make a tangible difference in young lives.


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