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Meet Alice Our Technical Director

Updated: Sep 5, 2023


Alice and I met whilst studying our Master’s at London College of Fashion. We bonded over

our mutual love of fashion but also our increasing disillusionment at the state of the industry.

Alice had worked for H&M and Uniqlo so was well aware of the huge scale of the problems the

industry faced. She also, as a side note, is one of the most accomplished people I know and I

am still discovering the depths of her experience as she casually drops into conversation

sentences like ‘when I was at Brit School I met Jessi J’ and ‘out of my 20 GCSE’s….’


We started the business in lockdown, without having met each other in person, with Alice

researching and technically developing SAGES dyes. As restrictions lifted we were able to

meet up more and we both came to realise that, what began as an extended university

project, was something we were very serious about continuing. Alice produced her amazing

final MA collection (images on the website!) using the dyes she had been developing and the

incredible reaction to these helped cement that SAGES was a business that we needed to


-Written by Emily Taylor

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