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Black and Minority Leaders in Sustainability

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

As more people are adopting a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious and industry leaders are making strives towards being low impact. As a woman of colour whose a founder in the industry, I think it's important to highlight others that have acted as an inspiration for me. The fight for climate justice and racial justice are intersectional, and we simply cannot have one without the other

Dominique Drakeford

Dominique is a Black and Indigenous influencer who aims to decolonise the sustainability sphere. She is the chief curator of Melanin and Sustainable Style, a digital platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of BIPOC communities in sustainable



Ghanaian-based brand that introduces the world to their favourite weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana, while also creating and igniting sustainable jobs across Africa. Handcrafted in Ghana, A A K S creates bags in styles that maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts, characterised by bright and exuberant colours.

Bryant Terry

Bryant Terry is an award-winning chef, food justice activist, and the author of four vegan cookbooks. He is committed to raising awareness about the negative impacts of the industrial food system on people’s health and the environment. Bryant is working to change the way people think about vegan and vegetarian dishes in food-insecure communities. He’s currently the Chef-in-Residence at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco where he creates public programming at the intersection of food, farming, health, activism, art, culture, and the African Diaspora. Watch his Ted Talk on stirring up political action from the kitchen here.

Earth Toned Collective

Earth Toned Collective (ETC) is a Black-owned sustainable and ethical women’s apparel brand designing with the Earth in mind, via eco-friendly and revived materials. Their approach to sustainability is reflected in their garments, which are manufactured from raw and organic textiles, as well as recycled and deadstock textiles. Earth Toned Collective’s goal is to reduce environmental and social impact by relying on local production and responsibly sourced/recycled materials to produce the garments.


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