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5 Materials Science Startups to Watch

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Are you interested in the latest advancements in materials science? Look no further than these five startups that are making waves in the industry.

Kaffe Bueno is a Danish startup that uses coffee grounds to produce natural cosmetic ingredients.

The company collects used coffee grounds from local cafes and turns them into high-quality,

sustainable ingredients for the beauty industry. Not

only does Kaffe Bueno reduce waste, but their products are also cruelty-free and vegan.

This startup is harnessing the incredible properties of graphene to create new materials with enhanced strength, stiffness, and electrical conductivity. Their products include graphene-enhanced composites for use in the aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods industries.

Ananas Anam is a UK-based startup that produces sustainable leather alternatives made from pineapple leaves. The company's innovative process transforms waste from the pineapple industry into a high-quality, environmentally friendly material that can be used in fashion, footwear, and accessories. With Ananas Anam, you can look stylish while also being eco-conscious.

Biohm is a startup that is taking a sustainable approach to construction by using fungi to create new building materials. Their products include insulation panels, bricks, and even furniture made from mycelium, the root-like structures of fungi.

Dendra Systems is using drone technology and machine learning algorithms to restore forests and other natural ecosystems. Their platform can quickly and efficiently plant thousands of trees in areas that have been affected by deforestation, wildfires, or other environmental disasters.

These five startups are just a small sample of the exciting developments happening in the world of materials science. Keep an eye on them and other companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field.


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