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Our Dyes

SAGES’ overall goal is to eliminate the usage of harmful synthetic textile dyes by providing a viable natural alternative that can stand the test of time.

Our Process

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We currently plan to launch a range of 6 colours in 2024

Above is the range of 6 Colours we plan to launch in 2024. Chosen to showcase the versatilely of colours available with natural dyes. 
Alongside these colours we have a total range of 12 fully developed colours and 43 in total currently in development. 

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How We Stand Apart

Existing natural dyes suffer from the lack of an environmentally friendly fixative that is able to match the performance of a synthetic one. They also cause a subsequent environmental issue through their use of land to grow the raw materials. SAGES is completing R&D into the development of an environmentally fixative in collaboration with leading researchers in colour chemistry. SAGES also tackles the issue of land use by using an innovative process in which pigment can be extracted from food waste.


Our dyes have been recognised by a number of institutions and we are lucky to have worked in collaboration with:​

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Our Technology 


2 years development


A range of 12 colours


100% naturally derived


Shelf stable and water soluble


Low environmental impact


Ongoing R&D


Designed as textile dyes but with a wide range of applications from inks to paints


Easy to use

Our Partners and Collabrators 

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